Our Story

I first learned about Pica Markers at a Festool training class. Festool makes some of the finest tools a professional may ever have the joy of using. This Pica Marker was in the same class, a tool for craftsmen that work with tools day in and day out.


Hours searching online resulted in a distributor in Canada. After talking to several people who had no idea what a Pica-Marker was or that they were listed on their website I was finally transferred to their industrial sales rep who actually knew what I was talking about. He said they were no longer the distributor and referred me to the current one mentioning it would be an interesting and peculiar experience. He was correct. Unable to find contact info for the company or any stocking dealers I finally contacted the manufacturer in Germany. 4 weeks later, I end up being the only dealer in the USA.


The Artisan Tool Company is a micro-startup that was founded after my frustrating experience, to supply innovative tools like the Pica Markers to professionals. If you know of...have seen...or used a hard to find tool, let me know, I will do what I can to find and supply it.